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Cpanel: Using Softaculous With cPanel | cPanel Blog

What is Softaculous? Softaculous is an auto-installer that makes installing web apps easier. Softaculous provides hundreds of scripts to install some of the most popular hosting software in the industry on your cPanel server.  They also provide automatic updates through their service, to help keep sites secure, and add new software to their library of scripts fairly […]

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Cpanel: Keeping your CMS safe and secure

Website security is one of the most important aspects of running an online presence. A hacked website can lead to countless hours of debugging and repair, loss of income, to loss of credibility and lawsuits. With over 30,000 new small business website hacks a day and numerous corporation breaches, not a day goes by without a […]

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Cpanel: Level up with cPanel University from home

If we have learned one thing from the 2020 COVID-19 situation, access to online resources and training is vital to keep businesses going. Online education has exploded due to school closures, and the learn-from-home approach has become the current standard. The hosting industry has also thrived in this arena, for example, Alibaba Cloud deployed more than 100,000 new cloud […]

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Cpanel: How to Add Email to Your iPhone

If you have an email address with your own domain name, you need to be able to access those emails on the go. According to, there are approximately more than 100 million iPhone users in the United States. In the past, if you had an email account set up with a personalized domain name, you […]

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Cpanel: Securing Your cPanel: Advanced Server Security

As you learned in our Intro to Server Security, securing your server is one of the most important things you need to do when you’re setting up and maintaining your cPanel server.  We’re building on the knowledge presented in the introduction to provide more advanced tips for server security.  In this article, you’ll learn more in-depth techniques and best […]

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Cpanel: Securing Your cPanel: Intro to Server Security

Securing your server is one of the most important things you need to do when you’re setting up your cPanel for the first time. There are multiple steps you should take to be proactive about protecting your server.   Most people understand the need to protect their website from vulnerabilities, but don’t realize their hosting server needs […]

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Cpanel: Web Hosting Business Changes by model

Starting your own web hosting business is much simpler now that technology and customer reach is improving, but the model is still changing all the time. During the “Wild West” era of the internet 20+ years ago, users were confined to a small number of web hosting providers. At that time, hard drive/storage space was quite […]

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