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Cpanel: Updated End User License Agreement – January 2021

[ad_1] We’ve recently updated our End User License Agreement. The primary purpose is to update the European Union’s “Standard Commercial Clauses” (SCC) in our Data Processing Agreement (DPA).  cPanel is providing the SCCs to help our customers who are in the European Economic Area comply with their regulatory obligations in light of the “Schrems II” […]

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Cpanel: The Apache Log4j exploit and how to protect your cPanel server

[ad_1] On Friday, December 10, 2021, a vulnerability for Log4j was announced in CVE-2021-44228.   Log4j is developed by the Apache Foundation and is widely used by both enterprise apps and cloud services. It was reported by Alibaba Cloud’s security team to Apache on November 24. They also revealed that CVE-2021-44228 impacts default configurations of multiple Apache frameworks, including Apache Struts2, Apache Solr, Apache […]

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Cpanel: Join Our cPanel SEO Beta Testing Program

[ad_1] Are you an SEM enthusiast? If you enjoy trying and testing new and exciting tech, join our cPanel SEO Beta Testing Program and help improve our tools, service, and solutions. We ask that you don’t publicize or share the features you’re testing until they’re officially launched. (Including comments on social) By beta testing, you’ll […]

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Cpanel: Take Our Survey For A Chance To Win $100!

[ad_1] As we near the end of 2021, we’re looking forward and feeling excited about all the changes and improvements we’re making, much of which is a direct result of feedback we’ve received from our customers. We’ve reached out via multiple channels throughout this year to get as much feedback from you as we can… […]

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Cpanel: VARCHAR vs. TEXT for MySQL Databases

[ad_1] When you’re building a database for a web application, one of the most impactful decisions is the data type you choose for text data fields. MySQL provides multiple string data types, each with unique characteristics and trade-offs. The data type you choose affects how much data you can store, where it’s stored, the functionality […]

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Cpanel: What Are the Best Shopify® Alternatives in 2021?

[ad_1] U.S. ecommerce sales rose by over 44% last year, the most significant single-year increase since ecommerce became a serious player in the retail space at the beginning of the century. As COVID-19 closed brick-and-mortar stores and kept customers at home, shopping moved online and retailers rapidly expanded ecommerce operations. Shopify, the cloud ecommerce platform, […]

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Cpanel: A Farewell To Paper Lantern

[ad_1] With the introduction of the Jupiter theme in version 98, you may have wondered about the fate of Paper Lantern. Today we officially announce Paper Lantern’s deprecation and its eventual removal from the product. What does this mean for you? If you are already using Jupiter, relax; you are good for all future updates. If you are using Paper Lantern, why not give Jupiter a try? […]

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