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Cpanel: A Farewell To Paper Lantern

With the introduction of the Jupiter theme in version 98, you may have wondered about the fate of Paper Lantern. Today we officially announce Paper Lantern’s deprecation and its eventual removal from the product. What does this mean for you? If you are already using Jupiter, relax; you are good for all future updates. If you are using Paper Lantern, why not give Jupiter a try? You […]

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Cpanel: How to Manage Inode Quotas and Control Inode Usage

The CentOS operating system has several features that restrict users’ resource consumption. They help web hosts and server administrators to fairly distribute resources on shared servers and to create tiered account systems. Without quotas, rogue users can—accidentally or deliberately—use more than their fair share, hurting their neighbors’ web hosting performance. Inode quotas limit the number […]

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Cpanel: What is a Yat? Emoji Identifiers Explained

Many of the most complex systems on the web deal with naming and identity verification. If you manage a website, you’re already familiar with web URLs, IP addresses, signed SSL certificates, and perhaps cryptocurrency addresses. But what if you could have a single name that links to all of your online identities, an identifier that […]

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Cpanel: Synchronizing Your cPanel® Calendar, Contacts, and Email on Android with ActiveSync

Starting in v98, cPanel & WHM added support for Android-based mobile devices to interact with calendars and contacts via ActiveSync. What is ActiveSync? Microsoft® originally developed the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol—commonly known as ActiveSync—for use by mobile devices in combination with its Exchange Server. The protocol uses a lightweight version of XML called WBXML to optimize […]

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