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Cpanel: Upcoming Changes to Let’s Encrypt Plugin

Earlier this year, Let’s Encrypt announced the end of life (EOL) plan for their original API. Starting this November, they will no longer allow new account registrations through the original API. After the original API reaches EOL, new account registrations must use Let’s Encrypt’s new API. Because of this, cPanel is migrating its Let’s Encrypt plugin to […]

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Cpanel: Welcome to WebPros Summit 2019!

Summit /ˈsəmət/ (noun)- the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development.This year the cPanel Conference is being transformed into the WebPros Summit. With the addition of cPanel to the WebPros family of companies, the natural progression for our annual conference was a combined conference. Partnering with the communities of Plesk, WHMCS, and SolusVM will […]

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Cpanel: Feature Requests and the User Story

…in the great state of Texas, a software company offered unto its’ subjects a Feature Request Site where they could submit their feedback about the products it worked so diligently to create and support. This site was launched in October 2012 to great fanfare and fingers flew across keyboards from across all the lands as […]

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Cpanel: NGINX Levels Up! | cPanel Blog

Back in April, we released an experimental version of NGINX into the wild for cPanel users at large to test and play around with. The feedback we’ve received from you, the cPanel Community, has been great! For those of you that have been using the experimental version of NGINX, there have been several add-on features […]

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Cpanel: Hi, I’m Tabby. How Can I help?

Hi.  I’m Tabby. I joined the Community Team at cPanel in March 2019 as a Community Manager.  I couldn’t be more excited about it if I tried, and I’ll tell you why; my entire career has led to this role. I’ve done so many weird and disparate things that from the outside, I’m sure when […]

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Cpanel: UAPI- What’s New in 82

With the release of cPanel & WHM version 82 to CURRENT this week, we are adding several new UAPI modules and functions. These new functions replace several previously-deprecated cPanel API 1 functions. For a complete list of API calls that we’ve added so far, read our Guide to Replacing cPanel API 1 functions with UAPI equivalents documentation. Our goal is to provide […]

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