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Cpanel: DNSSEC Clustering Now Available with PowerDNS

In the event you missed it, we published a blog post back in December of 2018, announcing the deprecation of MyDNS and NSD. Now that PowerDNS has been the choice DNS Management tool of cPanel & WHM for several versions, the request for DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) clustering has become even more popular.  Well, you’ve […]

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Cpanel: The Apache Distiller- 86’d in 84

Way back in EasyApache 3, if a user wanted to make updates to their Apache configuration, they would do so by using the Apache distiller to make said changes. As you all know, we’ve moved on from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 and are ever working to improve the functionality and performance of the product. That […]

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Cpanel: That’s a Wrap! | cPanel Blog

The end of the 2019 WebPros Summit has come, and it was an event for the books. We have enjoyed getting spend time with all of you, and cannot wait to do this again next year! We owe huge thanks to all of our attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. We strive to put on the best […]

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Cpanel: Stop in the Land of the ATL

“I dare somebody to go to Atlanta and not have a good time” -Bryan Tyree Henry WebPros Summit 2019 is here. We’re on the road and in Atlanta, Georgia. This year promises to be the most exciting and diverse conference yet. If you haven’t done so, make sure you head on over to the WPS […]

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Cpanel: #WebProsSummit19 Guest Blog: Halon Security

Halon Security, a Swedish company with offices overlooking the beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden, is proud to be sponsoring the WebPros Summit 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia! While we’ve partnered with cPanel and sponsored conferences in the past, this year has special significance for us; taking part in the very first WebPros Summit in Atlanta, Georgia! […]

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Cpanel: Supporting Open Source | cPanel Blog

The phrase “open source” has been in use much longer than you think, popping up as early as Thomas Willis‘ 1685 piece, The London Practice of, Or The Whole Practical Part of Physick, describing in medical terminology how a wound behaves. The modern usage of the phrase is a bit newer and has become the appropriate […]

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Cpanel: Game Night! | cPanel Blog

If you’ve been to any of our conferences before, chances are you’ve attended Game Night on the final night. WebPros Summit 2019 promises to be the biggest and best conference yet, and we would be remiss in not bringing in the best of the best for arguably the most fun evening event of the Summit. […]

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