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Cpanel: Node.js Hosting Configuration and Installing Node.js Apps

Node.js hosting was once a complicated business, especially on multi-user web hosting servers. However, with cPanel & WHM’s Application Manager, installing JavaScript applications and configuring Node.js environments is a breeze, empowering web hosts to offer intuitive Node.js hosting services with an easy-to-use graphical interface.  In this article, we explain how to activate cPanel’s Application Manager […]

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Cpanel: How to Use PHP-FPM with cPanel

PHP performance is an enduring issue for web hosts. PHP is the most widely used server programming language on the web by a big margin. The most popular content management systems and ecommerce applications are written in PHP, including WordPress®, Joomla, Drupal, Magento®, and dozens more.  The ultra-fast PHP-FPM accelerates PHP execution on busy web […]

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Cpanel: How to Check for Disk Space in Linux

Servers are your virtual home and, just like your real home, they can become cluttered with unwanted junk.  In the case of servers, it’s not trash but data you have to kick to the curb every once in a while.  Without a regular clear out, data accumulates until it fills the server’s storage devices. Servers […]

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Cpanel: How to Assign Permissions to Files and Folders in cPanel

File permissions are one of your server’s most important security features. They give you fine-grained control over who can read, write, and execute files. Without them, it would be impossible to safely host multiple users’ websites and data. However, incorrect permissions often cause hard-to-diagnose issues. If a website doesn’t load properly or software crashes, there’s […]

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